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I've held diverse roles across several companies in the retail automotive sector,

gaining comprehensive experience and expertise.

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Tesla Lynnwood

Proudly Part of the Future

2023 - 2024

As a dedicated Tesla Advisor at the innovative Lynnwood location, I'm passionate about shaping the future of automotive technology.

Our Mission:

At Tesla Lynnwood, we're committed to revolutionizing the driving experience. Our team believes in pushing boundaries, delivering cutting-edge electric vehicles, and transforming the way the world travels.

My Role:

As a Tesla Advisor, my responsibility is to provide unparalleled customer service, guiding individuals through their journey to sustainable, high-performance driving. I'm dedicated to ensuring every customer receives the best experience, whether it's answering inquiries, providing product knowledge, or facilitating test drives.

Joining the Movement:

Being a part of Tesla Lynnwood isn't just a job; it's a chance to contribute to a global movement towards sustainability and innovation. Every day, I'm excited to be a part of a team that's reshaping the automotive industry and creating a greener, more efficient future.

Join me at Tesla Lynnwood, where we're driving towards a brighter tomorrow, one electric mile at a time.



Seattle MINI

Driving Pre-Owned Excellence & Auction Procurement

2013 - 2021

Auction Procurement Expertise

In my role as the Pre-Owned Manager at Seattle MINI from 2013 to 2021, I spearheaded strategic initiatives in procuring vehicles through multiple renowned auctions, including Manheim, Adesa, and BMW Group Direct Auctions.

Strategic Auction Partnerships:

I orchestrated comprehensive procurement strategies, leveraging the diverse opportunities presented by Manheim, Adesa, and BMW Group Direct Auctions. This approach enabled Seattle MINI to access a wide array of high-quality pre-owned vehicles.

Rigorous Selection Process:

Utilizing my expertise and keen eye for quality, I implemented a meticulous vetting process for vehicles acquired through these auctions. This ensured that only the finest vehicles, meeting Seattle MINI's stringent standards, made it into our inventory.

Diversified Inventory Excellence:

By harnessing the potential of these diverse auction platforms, I diversified and enriched Seattle MINI's inventory, offering customers a broad selection of meticulously chosen pre-owned vehicles.

Driving Innovation Through Procurement:

My strategic approach to auction procurement significantly contributed to Seattle MINI's ability to offer customers a diverse range of high-quality pre-owned vehicles, fostering a reputation for excellence and variety.

Reflecting on my tenure at Seattle MINI, I am proud to have orchestrated strategic partnerships with renowned auctions, sourcing top-tier vehicles and enriching our inventory to provide customers with exceptional choices.

Lake City Motors / Seattle MINI

F&I - Desking - Sales

2009 - 2013

At Lake City Motors, I played a pivotal role within Seattle Mini's pre-owned division. Working at the intersection of technology and sales, I spearheaded a unique system that utilized my website as a powerful tool for exposure, complemented by strategic postings on platforms like Craigslist. My responsibilities encompassed the comprehensive management of my web presence, from linking and updating the store's inventory to overseeing leads, driving sales, and culminating in handling the financial and insurance aspects of the transactions. It was an immersive experience where I navigated the digital landscape to amplify our reach and optimize customer engagement, ultimately contributing to the success of the business.



Bentley - Lamborghini - Rolls-Royce Bellevue:

Elevating Luxury Automotive Sales (2008)

Sales Management in Luxury Automotive Excellence

During my tenure as Sales Manager at the Bellevue dealership representing Bentley, Lamborghini, and Rolls-Royce in 2008, I had the privilege of leading a team dedicated to delivering unparalleled luxury automotive experiences.

Brand Leadership:

At the helm of three iconic luxury brands, I cultivated a team focused on embodying the essence of Bentley's sophistication, Lamborghini's exhilaration, and Rolls-Royce's opulence. Each brand's unique identity was upheld to provide discerning customers an exceptional experience.

Sales Strategy & Execution:

My role involved formulating comprehensive sales strategies tailored to each brand's distinct clientele. I ensured that our approach to customer engagement, sales processes, and after-sales service reflected the pinnacle of luxury and refinement.

Customer-Centric Approach:

Luxury automotive sales demand a bespoke approach. I prioritized understanding the unique preferences of our clientele, delivering personalized experiences that surpassed expectations, and cemented enduring relationships.

Upholding Prestige & Excellence:

Representing Bentley, Lamborghini, and Rolls-Royce required upholding a standard of excellence and prestige. Every interaction, every sale, reflected the essence of luxury and sophistication synonymous with these esteemed marques.

Reflecting on my tenure as Sales Manager at Bentley - Lamborghini - Rolls-Royce in Bellevue, I am proud to have led a team dedicated to delivering the epitome of luxury automotive experiences, setting new standards in the world of high-end automotive retail.



Saturn for Seattle

Driving Sales and Financial Excellence (2006 - 2007, 2009)

Sales & Finance Management Across Multiple Locations

During my tenure as Sales Manager and Finance Manager at Saturn for Seattle, covering Bellevue, Lynnwood, Renton, and Burlington in 2006, 2007, and 2009, I was entrusted with pivotal responsibilities that shaped the sales and financial landscape across these diverse locations.

Sales Leadership:

As Sales Manager, I led diverse sales teams across multiple locations, fostering a culture of professionalism, customer-centricity, and sales excellence. I ensured that each dealership provided an exceptional customer experience aligned with Saturn's renowned reputation.

Financial Expertise:

In the role of Finance Manager, I oversaw financial operations, orchestrating seamless transactions and offering tailored financial solutions that catered to the individual needs of our valued customers. My focus extended beyond sales figures, prioritizing financial empowerment and satisfaction.

Multifaceted Leadership:

Managing operations across Bellevue, Lynnwood, Renton, and Burlington demanded a multifaceted approach. I implemented cohesive strategies that streamlined sales and financial processes, ensuring consistency in service quality across all locations.

Upholding Saturn's Values:

Throughout my tenure, I upheld Saturn's ethos of honesty, transparency, and innovation. Every decision aimed to enhance the customer experience while maintaining Saturn's legacy of integrity and customer satisfaction.

Reflecting on my time as Sales Manager and Finance Manager at Saturn for Seattle across multiple locations, I take pride in steering diverse teams and operations toward sales and financial excellence, fostering a legacy of trust and customer-centricity.

Hwy 99 Motors: Orchestrating a Seamless Automotive Experience


Operations at a Small-scale Automotive Store

My tenure at Hwy 99 Motors encapsulated a multifaceted role, managing various facets of the automotive business, from acquisition to sales and regulatory compliance.

Procurement from Manheim:

Navigating through auctions like Manheim, I identified and acquired vehicles, utilizing a keen eye for quality and value. This strategic procurement ensured a diverse inventory, meeting the demands of our discerning customers.

Reconnaissance Expertise:

Managing the reconditioning process, I oversaw the transformation of acquired vehicles, ensuring they met our standards of quality and reliability. This meticulous approach added value to our offerings and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Sales & Customer Relations:

Engaging with customers, I offered personalized guidance, leveraging product knowledge and a customer-centric approach to match them with vehicles meeting their needs and preferences, fostering enduring customer relationships.

Regulatory Compliance & Paperwork:

Navigating the complexities of state licensing and paperwork, I ensured seamless processing, adhering to Washington state regulations, and facilitating a hassle-free experience for our customers.

Reflecting on my role at Hwy 99 Motors, I take pride in orchestrating the end-to-end process, from acquisition to sales and regulatory compliance, fostering a reputation for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction at our small-scale automotive store.

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