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Professional Summary:


A visionary in automotive sales, Steve Bell, possesses an illustrious career spanning over three dynamic decades, leaving an indelible mark on the industry's forefront. Hailing from Seattle, Steve commands expertise in management, pioneering online and in-person sales strategies, inventory mastery, financing acumen, and crafting unforgettable events. An advocate of pre-owned sales, Steve excels in sculpting exceptional customer journeys through strategic communication and visionary leadership.


Work Experience:


Tesla - Lynnwood, WA

Tesla Advisor

May 2023 - Present

* At Tesla, Steve architects transformative, educational experiences, propelling customers towards sustainable energy with immersive engagements.

* An unwavering advocate of Tesla's mission, Steve embodies the brand, forging connections that embody Tesla's commitment to a greener future.


Seattle MINI / Lake City Motors - Seattle, WA

Pre-Owned Manager

November 2009 - July 2021

* Leading pre-owned vehicle management, Steve propelled Seattle MINI / Lake City Motors to top accolades in the MINI community.

* Adept in trade assessments, auctions, deal structuring, and online sales, Steve elevated the dealership's pre-owned section to unparalleled heights.


Saturn for Seattle - Bellevue, Lynnwood, Burlington WA

Sales Manager

June 2006 - January 2008; August 2008 - November 2009

* Guiding Saturn through General Motors' tumultuous times, Steve led sales and finance duties across multiple locations, ensuring steadfast progress despite challenging circumstances.

* Expertise in sales, finance, inventory management, and navigating complex transitions,

Steve steered Saturn for Seattle through success amidst bankruptcy.


Lamborghini - Rolls Royce - Bentley - Land Rover - Jaguar - Bellevue and Seattle, WA

Sales Manager

2000 - 2006, 2008

* An impactful tenure overseeing sales, finance, inventory management, and exclusive event coordination, Steve left a lasting mark at the pinnacle of luxury automotive excellence.


Skills and Expertise:

* Proficiency in CRM systems like Vin Solutions and vAuto, aligning sales strategies with Tesla's pioneering approach.

* A visionary in event orchestration, crafting experiences resonating with Tesla's progressive ethos.

* A leader fostering harmonious success in sales teams, dedicated to Tesla's mission of accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy.

* A digital alchemist navigating internet sales complexities to drive Tesla's innovative initiatives.

* A financial strategist streamlining operations, supporting Tesla's vision and growth trajectory.

New and Pre-Owned Manager

  • Killer record in new vehicle ordering and effective inventory management, leveraging market insights to align orders with customer demand, ensuring a responsive and profitable inventory strategy.

  • Skilled in appraising lease returns and daily trades, adeptly assessing vehicle conditions and market values to optimize inventory health and financial outcomes.

  • Experienced in auction buying, employing strategic planning and market knowledge to secure vehicles at advantageous prices that complement the dealership's offerings.

  • Knowledgeable in pre-owned reconditioning, emphasizing swift and comprehensive refurbishment processes to expedite vehicle readiness for sale, enhancing inventory turnover.

  • Exceptional at fostering collaboration with manufacturers, the shop, vendors, and the sales team, adeptly removing obstacles to streamline the sales process and drive increased turnover rates and profitability.

Team Management

  • Strategic Hiring and Team Building: Proficient in identifying and onboarding top talent, employing a strategic approach to build high-performing teams that align with dealership objectives and culture.

  • Efficient Scheduling Management: Adept at scheduling and resource allocation, ensuring optimal coverage while balancing team preferences and dealership needs for seamless operations.

  • Motivational Leadership: Skilled in motivating team members to excel, employing inspirational leadership techniques that foster a desire for success and provide the necessary tools and support to perform at their best.

  • Empowerment and Support: Committed to empowering team members with the tools, resources, and guidance required to achieve peak performance, cultivating an environment where individuals feel supported and motivated.

  • Creating a Positive and Engaging Workplace: Dedicated to cultivating a positive and enjoyable dealership environment that nurtures success, teamwork, and enthusiasm, contributing to overall success and employee satisfaction.


Floor and Desking

  • Masterful Negotiation and Deal Closure: Exceptional negotiation prowess honed over years of experience, adeptly closing deals with finesse and securing favorable terms for customers and the dealership alike.

  • Expertise in Securing Financing: Proficient in navigating financing options, assisting customers in securing optimal financial solutions that align with their needs and ensuring a seamless buying process.

  • High CSI Maintenance: Committed to maintaining a high Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), ensuring exceptional service and satisfaction, thereby fostering customer loyalty and positive dealership reputation.

  • Creating Memorable Buying Experiences: Dedicated to making the buying process memorable for customers, employing personalized service and attention to detail, leaving a lasting impression and cultivating customer loyalty.

  • Skillful Meet and Greet: Proficient in the art of the meet and greet, establishing rapport and setting a positive tone from the initial customer interaction, laying the foundation for a successful sales experience.

  • Engaging Presentation and Demonstration: Adept at presenting and demonstrating vehicles and their features in an engaging and informative manner, enhancing customer understanding and interest in the product.

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