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Seattle MINI - Lake City Motors reviews




"Steve was very helpful and his response time was great!

He had great customer service!

Customer service, friendly, knew lots about the vehicles on the lot, easy to work with, very quick response time, he is a great salesman"


" We had a great experience purchasing our new Mazda CX-5, thanks to Steve Bell. He helped us with our purchase and made it a smooth and seamless process for us.13`


Steven was very articulate at explaining all the features of our new Mazda CX-5. He made the entire buying process smooth and seamless for us. "

"Steve is a very professional and funny person.

He prepared a ball pen with his contact information instead of business cards so that we can contact him conveniently.

He gave a very detailed explanation when handing over the car to let us fully understand the functions of the car. "

" Steve is very friendly, taking care of everything.

He is the best sales person I have ever seen…"

" They were very helpful in finding the car and keeping the price and everything open.

There is another Mazda dealer there that is the most corrupt company I’ve ever dealt with and almost made it so I didn’t buy a Mazda but these guys save the day and I ended up buying a brand new one from them.

Your other Mazda dealer is extremely corrupt and very bad customer service.

 Steven Bell in that dealership are really great" 

" Steve was great, made buying a car super easy and fun. "

" Steven was able to answer all my questions, worked with me through the financial options, and did so with patience and humor (a trait that I value highly!).

My experience with Steven was more like working with a friend than a sales agent. 

 It was the best car buying experience to date!"

 "This review is a long time coming! Steve Bell sold us our first car (used) and helped us navigate the entire process with ease.

4 months later, after an unfortunate accident and having the car declared a total loss, he sold us another (new, this time) 2021 CX-5 with ease and simplified the complications for us.

Steve has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and is a really kind and gentle human overall. He even helped us navigate the accident, checked in to make sure we were okay.... And all around took great care of us as humans.

Thanks Steve!


"Really appreciate you."

" 1. They had the exact car I wanted, which I was not expecting.

2. My salesperson, Steve Bell, was someone I knew I could trust and get me the best deal.

3. The finance guy, Brian Walter, made the paperwork a breeze. I was even able to sign some electronically from my home.

4. Thew sales manager called me to thank me for my business. I honestly don't remember a sales manager calling to thank me when I bought previous vehicles.

He made leasing a vehicle fast without sitting through hours of negotiations.

My experience was top notch." 

 " Steve went above and beyond to find the right car for me! He walked me through every step and was available at all times for any questions I had.

Brian from Finance is also a wiz at what he does, there was no hassle or headaches.

Overall, it was an easy, fun car-buying experience and I will definitely recommend this dealership to friends. "


" He listened to me, heard what I was looking for, and went out of his way to find the right car for me.

At pickup, he walked me through all the widgets and helped me set up the Mazda app.

He was available for questions throughout and has even since checked in to see how I like the car (I love it). "

"We just got a used car from Mazda University in Seattle. Steve Bell was very easy to work with.

We met him a few weeks ago when we were actively looking for a used Mazda.

We test drove at other locations but decided to go back to buy the first car we talked about.

I never felt any pressure to buy from them. We felt confident that the car we were buying was in decent shape.

Their website doesn't seem very accurate. I suggest you stop by to see what's in stock."

 "Easy to work with" 

 " My husband and I worked with Steve Bell for a test drive and sales - and Steve was great : ).

He was relaxed and good-humored through the whole process, and we never felt like we were getting a 'hard sell.'  

He listened to what we wanted/needed and was responsive and focused.

We test-drove one model and decided to upgrade to the premium, but with zero pressure or cajoling from Steve.

He kept us informed at every stage of the sale and we walked away very happy.

He is definitely a fan of the car we landed on (for real) and that helped make the whole investment feel good.

I would recommend him highly. "

"He was honest. 

 Whole staff was very welcoming, honest and patient working with me. "

"Steve was an excellent salesperson: friendly, communicative, and understanding of the type of car-shopping experience I wanted. "

"Steven is fantastic to work with and really friendly and responsive. Thanks a lot! "  

" Steve,

From mashing my face up against the driver’s window to peek at the interior, to signing the final loan documents, purchasing the Lexus RX300 was such an unusual car buying experience I felt compelled to drop you this note.   The first word that comes to mind is pressure.  Lake City Motors is the most laid-back car sales organization I have ever experienced.  Everybody Cyndi and I dealt with actually listened to our questions, gave us simple and direct answers when they could, and took the time to research those  they couldn’t answer.    Unlike our buying experiences with large car dealerships, we were never made to feel like we were  playing some kind of cat and mouse game when it came to negotiating the price.  Instead I felt the  process was an honest and transparent disclosure of what each of us go do to make the deal work.   What we came up with was extremely fair and reasonable.   Financing can be a pretty emotional ordeal, but working with Ali was not only easy, it was kind of  amusing as well.  Cyndi and I both had to laugh when Ali came out of his office wringing his hands with  a very sly look on his face and told us he had just bought down the interest rate to a point that we  didn’t know our lender even offered. I think he was genuinely just as excited with the interest rate he  was able to get for us, as we were.    To sum up the entire process, “Like falling off a log.” Our Sincere Thanks. R & C Seattle Proud Lexus RX300 owners and completely satisfied Lake City Motors customers.  

" Thank you, Steve! It was a pleasure doing business with you. I really appreciate your service. Of course, I also loved your car stories, wonderful!! 


Bellevue "

 "Steve, Thanks so much for the follow up and for all your help! 


Portland "

" I walked in to look at a car for my son. Steve, the salesman was very helpful, he gave us the Carfax without me having to ask for it. Gave my son and I the keys to a 2004 Saturn ion and let us drive off just the two of us. car was a great deal! paperwork was easy and they had great extended warranty. needless to say, we bought the car. My son is very happy with his new car, and he gets great gas mileage. Would definitely by from this dealership again. Burien "

"  Came in to check out a 2004 Nissan found on internet at Surprised by how pleasant people were, and with the great assistance provided for me to learn about the vehicle. Steve even provided a neat little map of the area that I could follow to test drive the truck and experience a variety of driving conditions. While on the test drive, Steve printed the Carfax before I even asked for it. Prepared all materials for closing in advance, so it went totally smoothly. Got a truck with 70,000 miles on it that feels like it is brand new at a good, fair price and without any kind of hassle. Small dealer, so didn't have facilities of a big, new car dealer, but I will sure check them out first if I begin searching for another used car. Not lacking one bit in pleasant, helpful people. 

Port Townsend "

" Steve jumped through hoops and my car-buying process comfortable and I felt taken care of. I'm thrilled with my new car and the excellent price. Thank you! 



" Hey Steve,

~ Thanks for sending this pic. Also, received the second key to the car today. Thank you so much for finding it and sending it to us. We really appreciate it. We are enjoying the Mazda. Thank you for all your help. You were great to work with! (Love the car mouse's) Thanks P and K Olympia"

" Steve, Thanks for your kindness and consideration by sending these memorable pictures. 



" Steve, I have purchased many vehicles, and I wanted to thank you for your professional atmosphere and dealing. I love my new BMW X5 and will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family and hope to do business in the future! 


Kirkland "

" Thank you sooo much for helping me with my new car, I LOVE IT!! You were great in helping find a car that fit my very specific needs and helping to arrange my financing I can live with! Thank you again, 



" Thanks Steve! Absolutely loving it! :) Great to meet you this weekend! 

Take Care, 



"Thanks Steve for such an easy car buying experience. There was never any pressure or stress, and I feel like you gave me a great deal on a great truck. I would definitely recommend you to others looking for a car. Thanks!



" Steve, Thanks for making this process bearable, even pleasant! 



" Hi Steve, Thank youuuu, appreciate all your support and patient with me. Regards, 



" Steve, Thanks for your help and I will pass your card along to the people I told you about who are looking for a car! 



" Steve was great to work with throughout the car-buying process. I went in already knowing what I wanted, and Steve made everything so simple. He was very friendly and not pushy. Great experience. 



"Steve at Lake City Motors was friendly, helpful with no pressure sales. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a 

new or used car  who doesn’t want to be hassled and pressured into buying a car. They are very friendly and accommodating and have a nice calm  environment. Great with kids as well! Go see Steve! 


Seattle "

"Steve, thanks for your flexibility and helpfulness during our purchase of a 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid like working around our kids' schedules, Seafair, and other weekend plans.

We love the car.

Working with Lake City Motors was easy -- you guys were all laid-back, nice, kid friendly, and low pressure.

Your data on availability and pricing in the market and thorough vehicle maintenance history and inspection were very helpful.

Your pricing sealed the deal. 

Thank you! 


Redmond "

"Nice Pic's Steve! If you send me the link to the customer page I will write a review for you. 



Bonney Lake" 

" My son had been looking for an R32 and came across one on LCM's website.

Walking onto the lot we could tell it was different and when we met Steve we knew it would be very low key without the pressure I/we usually get from other dealerships.

Steve took his time with us, from showing the R32 (and others I was looking at) to answering all our questions.

His relaxed, pleasant manner made it easy to trust that we weren't dealing with a "normal" dealership or salesperson.

We walked away that day with not only one, but 2 cars, mainly due the fact that we were treated as CUSTOMERS, not just a number to help make a sales goal.

I don't refer people often, especially NOT to a car dealership, but I have to say that when I do,

Steve is my #1 car referral and will be for a long time to come.



 Hi Mr. Bell, thank you so much, and I love my Nissan Versa so much! 

Best regards, 



" ...thank you for demonstrating the professional courtesy that has made your business a success by bringing together all the details thereby, making everything work together perfectly in completing this project.

It was a pleasure doing business with you on this project and will definitely keep you in mind if in the future either family or friends are in need of a vehicle. 



"Steve Bell was very considerate and helpful!

I really like the Acura! The car was as advertised and worth the 2 and half hour drive. Nichole


Thanks to Steve for the photos and assistance with new car. My wife (AND I) REALLY LIKE IT! 



" The car I purchased from Steve was great.

The price was fair, and I really appreciate my CRV.

Thanks Steve for the follow up. 



"Steve Bell went out of his way to show me a Truck.

He arrived at my house after work around 7:30 PM, with a CK1500 Chevrolet pick-up to show me.

He also demonstrated on the capacity by filling the truck with household items, like an oversized king mattress, a 500-pound marble table, bed frame, chairs and other items.

He showed me that it is a very useful truck.

He then drove it about a mile and unloaded the items is a different house.

He really sold me on the truck.

I decided the next day to work out a deal and buy the truck. 


Whidbey Island"

" Thanks Steve,

we love the car. 



" "Thanks for coordinating the purchase, Steve, the process was smooth and quick (as expected).

The drive home Tuesday evening was also as expected…4hrs from door to door.

The car drove great, and wife loves it.

Other than a few minor maintenance issues that came up during my inspection,

I think the car will be great. I’m now waiting for either new plates or new registration tabs…year and month.

The previous owner covered up the month tab with the year.

We’re good until May 25th with a temporary registration your colleagues placed on the car.

Have a great day…



 "The most outstanding car buying experience I've had from a dealership!

From the detailed vehicle information up to the last phase of the sale transaction, everything was a breeze with no middleman negotiations that you normally get from other car dealers.

Steve's excellent customer service sealed the deal during the process.

Thank you Steve Bell for making me and family happy! 


Oak Harbor"

 Steve, I recently purchased a Dodge Durango from Lake City Motors and was impressed from the moment I walked through the doors.

It is a small operation, but the attention to detail and how they interact with you as a potential customer is a breath of fresh air.

What was missing was not missed at all.

Lake City Motors does not play the back and forth game negotiating numbers with someone hiding behind a curtain.

You sit and work on the numbers with the person that can actually sign off on the price of the vehicle, the amount of your trade, etc.

This was the best auto buying experience I have had. Thank you!

P.S. - My wife loves the Durango 



 "Thank you, Steve. Still loving the Jeep!!

There may be a few people coming by that I sent your way.

Happy motoring! 



 "Thanks Steve - you and the rest of the team made my experience today a great one.

No-pressure, and friendly service - I will definitely recommend Lake City Motors!




 "Steve, Thanks for a great experience.

We just purchased a 2006 Mercedes C230 Sport.

There was no pressure and friendly people.

This is the second car we've purchased from them and have had no problems.

We took them up on a great warranty as well.

We recommend buying from these guys! 



Thanks Steve and Ali for all your work and help with the purchase!! 



" Steve, Love the car - but would you take it back?

Kidding-car is a pleasure"



"Steve, Thanks for the pictures, had a great experience with you guy's on the no pressure, relaxed process of buying from Lake City Motors.

I will definitely recommend you for a place to shop.



 Steve, I wanted to thank you again for the great customer service.

We continue to enjoy our new jeep.


Chad Yelm"

" Hey Steve it's Darin

you probably remember me I bought that Gto from you guys back in November I was just noticing I'm not on your testimonials lol I don't know if I'm special enough to be on their but if you could make that happen that would be great Customer Testimonials - Seattle Car Store Seattle WA lol since you do make any loan happen lol thanks Steve. 



" Hello Steve! I'm already in sunny California and the Vibe did pretty good on the highway :) 


San Diego"

Steve, Loving the car. Only took my son a few hours to learn to drive the manual.


Vancouver, Wa"

 Thanks for your help Steve! Love the car and Enzo! 

Joel and Marcee


"Steve Thanks for everything, I love my new car!! 



" Thanks Steve. You are awesome. Loving the car.

Best Christmas present ever.

 :) Andrea


" Steve, Thank you so much! It was a pleasure working with you and your team!

Happy Holidays!



 "Hi Steve, We absolutely love the Beetle. We have, and will continue to sing your praises to friends and family!

Happy Holidays and thanks again, 

The Jones' 


 "Steve, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your assistance in the purchase of my new vehicle.

After an accident and the insurance company totaling my car, I was thrust into having to buy another car which I faced with total DREAD !!!!!

Your low key approach and professionalism mitigated my DREAD which turned my purchase into a stress free event.

You and your staff treated me fairly and I appreciate your follow up after the delivery of my car.

I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a new car. 

Thomas F. Oughton


"Steve, I've worked in the car business for 20 years, and this was the best purchase and car store I have ever seen, thanks Steve!

My wife loves the car!!

Right up until she totaled it - see you soon. 

Chris Ivens 

Lake Forrest Park"

" Ok, are you guys really used car salesmen?

Lol...feel like I bought my Beemer from a couple close friends. 


"I HAVE A CAR!!!!!! I love you so much Steve Bell ♥ thank you forever and ever :) "and thank you mom and dad for getting it :)"



" I needed to purchase a very price-conscience car for my daughter.

I was nervous about buying a car in this price -range, not knowing what type of condition it would be in.

Working with Lake City Motors, (& Steve Bell in particular) was great.

The whole team was friendly, and I felt no pressures in my decisions.

We are more than satisfied with the car we ended up buying from them and will definitely go there again next time we are car shopping.



 "The experience at Lake City Motors was great! The staff (Steve and Ali) were extremely helpful and there was no pressure to buy.

It was nice to be treated like "family" and not like a walking $ sign. 



" Fantastic service and no pressure.

Thanks Steve for a good buying experience! 



" Steve, She really likes the car, what a bonus! One day many years ago, I brought home a black Lincoln Continental with only 25,000 original miles.

I was so proud of myself, what a great find. She absolutely hated it, said it was the perfect car for a mobster or a grandma. 




 "Hi Steve

My wife and I would like to thank you for your help and honesty when we purchased our new used car from your dealership. It was worth the 2 1/2 hour drive from Sequim to Lake City to find the car and deal we were looking for. I would certainly recomend you to anyone wanting a fair deal without feeling somehow they would be taken advantage of. It was refreshing doing business with you and we enjoyed your company. I wish all salespeople could be as good. 

Thanks, Steve. 

Regards, Roger


We are so happy with our Honda from Lake City Motors. We found a listing of the car on Seattle-Craigslist.

There were TONS of good & detailed pictures on every aspect of the car.

Everything you need to know. Steve and Peter were AWESOME!

The car was unbelievably in great condition and was treated well. (Thank you previous owner.)

It was detailed and very clean, and YES they do inspect their vehicles thoroughly by an ASE Certified Tech and have the paperwork to show it.

They let us test-drive the car alone.

Other dealers had to 'come along for the ride' because we were just 'kids'.

We have come across other dealers not knowing any 'personal history on the car' (meaning how the previous owner was, why it was sold specifically, old paperwork/maintenance, etc.)

These guys were very knowledgeable, it was an honest sale.

The total price was below Blue Book. No BS'ing around like most dealers do, just straight-to-the-point. 

Steve and Peter were willing to work with us. (Letting us put a small deposit to reserve the Honda.)

They even called around other bank institutes to find us the lowest financing we can get!

We got a great deal because of Lake City Motors, and they helped us save tons of money.

The day of the sale, they had all the paper-work set-up, and ready for us to just sign, saving us time too.

The place is clean, inside and out. Very simple.

They have clean fish tanks for entertainment. He is very happy with his car, I mean, we plan on keeping this car for a very long time. (Forever maybe?).

Usually, I cringe and regret when making big purchases, but not this one, not at all. :)


Mindy & David 

Tacoma, WA"

 I recently bought 2004 Mazda 6 from lake city motors. I surely recommend lake city motors to any car buyer without a doubt.

To start with they have a good website (better than many used car dealer websites) with lot of photos and many details.

I saw a listing that fits my needs and budget, I approached them to see the car.

All employees whom I met (Steve/Peter) are very helpful, accommodating and courteous.

They let me examine the car to my satisfaction, test drive it (all by myself) and get answers for my questions.

They showed me all paperwork including Carfax report, mechanic inspection and a completed factory recall (for fan control module) which they did after getting the vehicle.

Negotiation process was also smooth (not involving too many people) because the advertised price itself was reasonable and well below KBB retail value.

We agreed upon a price, and they even adjusted doc fee to the minimum they can do.

They offered extended warranty, which I declined and again no pressure.

They got wheel alignment corrected (car drifting to right slightly) prior to the delivery.

Pre-delivery formalities were pretty quick, and I was out of their dealership with a really nice car that suites my needs and fits in my budget.

Thanks everyone who helped me in this process.

The bottom line is if you like a car in their lot, you can get it with no hesitation. 



"Thanks, Steve!!! 

I've been looking for my next car for over few weeks until I stumbled upon Lake City Motors.

The staff was very friendly and very easy to work with. As an example, when I brought the car to my mechanic we found a few issues that I then brought up to Steve's attention.

They handled the situation in a very professional manner and fixed the car up in less than a day.

Moreover, they reduced the asking price so it was very easy to reach the final agreement and sign the deal.

I would definitely recommend anyone to buy cars from Lake City Motors in the future!

The car is awesome!

Thanks for all the help! 



" After an exhausted search of the car I wanted, I decided to drive out and check on a model available at this lot.

What I found was the car that they had expertly advertised on Craigslist, in the lot with no surprises.

No salesman rushed out the door to force a sell down my throat, and I really appreciated that.

When I walked in the showroom, I was greeted kindly by Steve Bell, the Internet Sales Manager.

He quickly answered some questions I had about the car and let me take it on a test drive.

Upon returning back to the lot, I told him of a noise I heard in the rear of the car, and he told me he would take it to the shop, get it checked out (their cost, that wouldn't affect the sale price), and that I could come back in a few days to drive it again.

I left fairly confident that this would be handled, and low and behold, he did just as he said he would.

It was a minor fix to the rear differential, and he showed me the paperwork from the shop proving that the repair had been done and done correctly.

I test drove again, and we pushed the paperwork to finalize the deal.

All in all, I felt very confident about the sale.

Keep in mind, I did a lot of homework on my end to make sure the pricing was competitive beforehand, but they had a printout of the Blue Book Value, and also the Carfax, and everything looked on the up and up.

He also showed me the paperwork from the mechanic that they use to evaluate the vehicle when they buy.

I didn't feel like there were any hidden details.

Also, I DID buy they extended warranty they offered, but I didn't feel like it was forced on me either, it was just a good deal based on my research.

They had me out the door in less than 2 hours, which was great because I had to get to work, and even offered to drive my current vehicle to the U-District to drop off with my fiancé.

In conclusion, if you see a vehicle listed on their many forms of advertising.t

(I think Steve even told me they have an iPhone app!)

Do yourself a favor and go check them out. 




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